Tool and equipment is the caliber
52 objects (art. 010214)
52 objects (art. 010214) 52 objects (art. 010214)

Collection is engravers
52 objects (art. 010214)

Moved forward collection of rigging caliber NG-52p for the engravers combining in itself equipment for the grinding, cleaning, cutting and polishing of different materials.

  • It is supplied in the plastic case with the convenient beds.

Composition of the collection:

Sand cylinders, for working of nonferrous metals, gray and black cast iron, plastic, rubber, the skin, tree (in t. h. and edges) – 3sht.

Holder of sand cylinders with the shank with diameter of 3, 2mm – 1sht.

Polishing nozzles of various forms for the extra-hard metals, such as cast iron, steel, and the alloys of solid metals with the shank with diameter of 3, 2mm – 2sht.

Cutter of high-speed made of the high-speed tool steel – 1sht.

Disk holder, is used for the fixation of polishing and detachable disks. Diameter of shank – 3, 2mm. – 1sht.

Holder for the polishing caps. Diameter of shank - 3, 2mm – 1sht

Grindstone – 1sht.

Brush is trimming.  Diameter of shank – 3, 2mm. – 1sht.

Polishing nozzles for the polishing of the metals (inclusively colored and precious) of alloys, aluminum and plastic. Sizes of 12,7kh6,3mm and 25 X 6, 3mm – 4sht.

Corundum detachable disks. For the metals, stainless steel, nonferrous metals, tree and plastic – 36 pcs

Disk of trimming. Sizes of 32 X 1, 2mm – 1 pcs

Price: 950 ₽
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