Tool and equipment is the caliber

Benzine generator is inverter

Movable gasoline-engine electrical apparatus with the internal combustion engine and inverter voltage regulation caliber BEG-900I, is intended for the autonomous power supply, in the intermittent service, the users of electrical household appliances with the standard characteristics of the network of alternating current: stress – 220V, frequency – 50Gts.

  • manufactures direct current with the stress of 12V for the charging of acidic storage batteries;
  • the adjustment of the power, issued by benzogeneratorom;
  • the magnitude display of the voltage of current;
  • steady support, the extinction of vibration.
Model of the engine
1 drum, the 2nd taktnyy
Method of the cooling
the air forced
Maximum power
2,0 л.с./1,5 кВт
Volume of the fuel tank
2,6 л
Type of the fuel
the mixture of gasoline AI-92 (not ethylated) with oil for the 2nd taktnykh engines
Type of oil
Type of the ignition
the electronic noncontact magneto
Voltage of alternating current
220 V
Frequency of alternating current
50 Hz
Maximum power
900 W
The nominal yield
800 W
Nominal capacity rate
DC voltage
12 V
Level of the acoustic power
67 dB (a)
Overall sizes in the packing (DkhShkhV)
334kh264kh330 mm
Weight (gross weight/of net)
12,5/11,5 кг
Страна производителя
Price: 7 990 ₽
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