Perforator is electrical

Manual electrical perforator caliber EP-800, middle class, with the opportunity of work in three regimes, relates to the articles of everyday usage. Perforator is intended for the impact drilling of holes in the concrete, brick and stone-, and also for the easy mortising works (cleaving ceramic tile, the cutting down of niches, shtroblenie of rock surfaces and the like). Furthermore a tool can be used in the regime of drilling holes in the nonferrous and ferrous metals, plastics, tree and other building materials. Into delivery set enter additional handle and feed depth gauge of drilling. Дополнительная рукоятка крепится на корпусе редуктора. Фиксируется рукоятка, закручиванием по часовой стрелке, в любом положении (от 0° до 360°), что удобно пользователю, как «правше», так и «левше».

  •  the cartridge of SDS-plus;
  •  пластиковый кейс;
  •  рычажковый переключатель реверса;
  •  feed depth gauge of drilling;
  •  кнопка фиксации переключателя режимов;
  •  блокировка клавиши от случайного пуска.
Required power
800 W
Frequency of the impacts
0-5500 impacts/min
Maximum drilled diameter:
- the concrete
26 mm
- the metal
13 mm
- the tree
30 mm
Energy of the single impact
2.8 George
No-load speed
0-1300 r/min
System of the clamp
Ключевой патрон 1/2-20UNF, диаметр сверла
1,5 -13 mm
Maximum level of vibration (on the concrete in the regime of hollowing)
14,0 м/с2
Sound pressure level
94 dB (a)
Class of safety (ALL-UNION STATE STAN. R IEC [International Electrotechnical Commission] 60745-1-2011)
Electric motor
Single-phase collector
Nominal stress/the frequency
230 v/of 50 Hz
Overall sizes in the packing (DkhShkhV)
420х110х275 мм
Weight (gross weight/of net)
5,7/3,7 кг
Страна производителя
Родина бренда
Price: 4 000 ₽
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