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FE-1000m FE-1000m FE-1000m FE-1000m FE-1000m

Electrical cutter

Cutter manual electrical caliber the master of FE-1000m is intended for fulfilling different works on milling of wood: cutting grooves and grooves, chamfering, shaping, milling decorative figures and trimming it is boundary workpieces with the fulfillment of joiner and repair work under the living conditions. 

  • Speed control of the rotation of working cutter;
  • Adjustment of the depth of milling;
  • Opportunity of milling the billet according to the selected template;
  • Opportunity of the flat milling of the edge of work blank;
  • Opportunity of the connection of vacuum cleaner for chip removal. 




Required power
1000 W
No-load speed
11500-30000 r/min
6/8 mm
Maximum diameter of the cutter
30 mm
Maximum motion of the cutter
0-30 mm
Nominal stress/the frequency
230 V/50 Hz
Overall sizes in the packing (DkhShkhV)
Weight (gross weight/of net)
4,3/4,0 kg
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Родина бренда
Price: 3 900 ₽
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