Battery drill (Li-Ion)
Caliber YES-18-2

Manual battery drill (boring machine,) caliber YES-18-2 is intended for drilling of the holes in the nonferrous and ferrous metals, plastics, tree DSP and of otkruchivaniya/of the twisting of different form of fastening.

  • two speed ranges
  • the reverse
  • a stepped variation in the limit moment of the delay
  • a smooth change in the speed of rotation of the spindle

Model is completed by quick-clamping, quick-detachable cartridge, that is fastened to the spindle with the spring-opposed clutch with the steel balls. Spindle has the internal, hexahedral, standard (1/4 ") holder of bits with the magnet. This construction makes it possible rapidly to pass from one form of work to another (drilling - work with the fastening), and it also simplifies the replacement of bits in the holder of spindle.


Supply voltage
18 V
Diameter of the pressed drill
0.8 -10 mm
Maximum drilled diameter:
- the metal
10 mm
- the tree
26 mm
Frequency of the rotation of spindle in the idling:
- the 1st speed range (“L”)
0-400 r/min
- the 2nd speed range (“N”)
0-1500 r/min
Class of safety (ALL-UNION STATE STAN. R IEC [International Electrotechnical Commission] 60745-1-2011)
Number of steps of the adjustment of the limit moment of the delay
Maximum torque
30 nm
Electric motor
collector, the direct current
Light-emitting diode lamp
there is
Battery is battery:
Nominal stress
18 V
2.0 Ach
Time of the charging
60 min
Device is charge:
Nominal stress
230 V
50 Hz
Current of the charging
2.0 A
Overall sizes in the packing (DkhShkhV)
230kh90kh225 mm
Weight (gross weight/of net)
2,2/1,5 kg
Price: 4 250 ₽
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