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SS-13/400A OF NEW

Vertical-drilling machine tool with the manual control caliber SS-13/400a is intended for fulfilling the boring works along the tree, plastic and metal. This machine tool makes it possible to carry out works with the high accuracy and productivity. The drills, attached in the cartridge, are basic working tool for the treatment of selected materials. Machine tool has massive cast iron base. Desktop has the capability to be moved along the column on the vertical line and to be attached at angle (to 45° to the right or to the left) to the horizontal plane. Into the delivery set of machine tool they enter vises for the fixations of billets, which are attached to the desktop the 2nd with bolts.

  • the opportunity of the speed control of the rotation of spindle;
  • a change in height and angle of the slope of desktop;
  • the installation of the necessary depth of drilling;
  • protective shield.
Power of the engine
400 W
No-load speed
420-2700 r/min
Quantity of the speeds
Size of the desktop
165kh162 mm
Maximum motion of the spindle
50 mm
Maximum diameter of the drill
13 mm
Angle of the slope of desktop (to the left/to the right)
0-45 °
Diameter of the column
46 mm
The length of power cord, is not less
2 m
Electric motor
asynchronous, single-phase
Level of the acoustic power
78 dB (a)
Nominal stress/the frequency
220 V/50 Hz
Overall sizes in the packing (DkhShkhV)
Weight (gross weight/of net)
14,8/14,3 kg
Price: 6 200 ₽
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