Tool and equipment is the caliber

Strip polishing machine

Manual electrical strip polishing (abrasive-belt) machine caliber LSHM-1000UE is intended for the working without the application of water of the wooden, plastic, metallic, covered with priming surfaces and removal of the surface layers (varnish, paint, rust and the like) of materials by abrasive belt. Model is completed by the plastic front arm, which can be turned around the axis of fastening.
  • Speed control of the motion of tape;
  • Adjustment of the centering of abrasive belt;
  • Dust collector;
  • Button of fixation for the key for switch.
Required power
1000 W
Size of the abrasive belt
76kh533 mm
Скорость шлифования
120-360 m/min
Type of the transfer
Class of safety (ALL-UNION STATE STAN. R IEC [International Electrotechnical Commission] 60745-1-2011)
Nominal stress/the frequency
Korrektirovannyy level of the acoustic power
91,2 дБ(А)
Electric motor
Single-phase collector
Overall sizes in the packing (DkhShkhV)
Weight (gross weight/of net)
4,0/3,6 kg
Страна производителя
Родина бренда
Price: 4 250 ₽
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