Machine is polishing angular

Manual electrical polishing angular machine the caliber of MSHU-125/1100EKK is intended for the dry cleaning, grinding and cutting (longitudinal, transverse, by scythe) the metalware of various forms (corner, brands, double T, channel bar, pipe and so forth) constant electronics on the revolutions (support of revolutions under the load). This function makes it possible to accurately support revolutions and power in the established range, each time being adjusted slightly under the varying loads. It is very important with accurate grinding and polishing, where the productivity and revolutions must be stable for achievement of the high quality of working.

  • Commutator motor;
  • It is completed by additional handle;
  • It has a function of the speed control of the rotation of anchor.
Required power
1100 W
Diameter of the circle
125 mm
Frequency of rotation in the idling
3000-12000 r/min
Thread on spindle, mm
Electric motor
Single-phase collector
Class of safety (ALL-UNION STATE STAN. R IEC [International Electrotechnical Commission] 60745-1-2009)
The length of power cord with the fork, is not less
2 m
Nominal stress/the frequency
230 v/of 50 Hz
Overall sizes in the packing (DkhShkhV)
315kh125kh115 mm
Weight (gross weight/of net)
2,2/2,0 kg
Price: 3 100 ₽
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