Tool and equipment is the caliber
3/4* (25 м) арт.061422

Hose of Aqua Line
3/4* (25 м) арт.061422

  • Smooth internal surface prevents the formation of algae;
  • It is resistant to the mekhanichesomu action;
  • The ecologically safe material of hose does not contain cadmium, barium (it is safe for the environment, man, plants);
  • The intensive three-layered walls from high-strength reinforced PVKh protect hose from the bends during the displacement and irrigation;
  • Use for pumping of aggressive liquids is possible.
Range of operating temperatures
from -20 to + 50ºS
R max
15 bars
19 mm (3/4)
25 m
Price: 1 427 ₽
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