Shtroborez the manual electrical caliber of ShTBE-1500/125m is intended for cutting the grooves (shtrob) in the concrete, foam concrete, brick, stone- and similar materials it is exclusive without the application of water.  

  • Opportunity of the width control and depth of groove;
  • Blocking the key for switch from the random start;
  • Protective housing for the safe work;
  • Front handle ensures convenience in the use;
  • Opportunity of the connection of industrial vacuum cleaner for the outlet of dust from the zone of cut.
Required power
1500 W
Speed of spindle at the idling
9000 r/min
Width of the cut
8 - 26 mm
Depth of the cut
8 - 30 mm
Diameter of the working disk
125 mm
The fit diameter of the disk
22.2 mm
Thread on the spindle
M 14
Electric motor
the single-phase collector
Sound pressure level
97.1 dB (a)
Nominal stress/the frequency
230 V/50 Hz
Rms value of the vibratory acceleration
7.5 m/s2
Overall sizes in the packing (DkhShkhV)
380kh210kh270 mm
Weight (gross weight/of net)
7.0/6.5 kg
Страна производителя
Price: 8 650 ₽
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