Tool and equipment is the caliber

Station of the water supply
SVD - 1000F

The station of water supply “caliber SVD - 1000F” from a series of Aqua Line is intended for creating the autonomous water-conducting network (with the maximum temperature of 40°S) in which the pressure of water is supported in the automatic regime. The station of water supply “caliber SVD - 1000F” Aqua Line is equipped with the check valve, which partially prevents the devastation of suction line during the interruption in the use. Due to the presence of the system of the automatic maintenance of pressure, the station can be used for creating of autonomous water-conducting network, irrigation of garden sections and evacuation of water from the ponds, and the filter of mechanical cleaning will make it possible to protect the pumping part of the station of the sand and solid admixtures - the caliber of Aqua Line will serve to you longer!

  • three-factor quality control of each unit of output
  • guarantee - 2 years
Required power
1000 W
The peak output
3.6 mof 3/h (60 l/min)
Maximum pressure
42 m
Maximum suction head
8 m
Diameter of the input/outlet
1/1 in
Встроенный фильтр механической очистки
there is
Pressure of the start/of turning off of the pump
1,5/3,0 bars
Volume of the hydroaccumulator
24 l
Degree of protection (according to GOST 14254-96)
asynchronous, single-phase
Maximum temperature of the water
Parameters of the electric brush
230 V | of 50 Hz
Overall sizes in the packing (DkhShkhV)
550kh320kh630 mm
Weight (gross weight/of net)
15,3/13,8 kg
Price: 7 850 ₽
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